The Law

                                                                         Title 6: Criminal Law
6-1: Unless designated by a specific provision below, punishment is assigned at the discretion of the magistrate designated to hear the criminal case.  An accomplice to a crime is any person aiding in the planning, execution, or concealment of a crime and all accomplices are subject to the same charges and penalties regardless of their role in the crime.
6-2: Theft of Home Stone: This is the most serious crime that one might commit against the Isles of Tira. One convicted of stealing or vandalizing the Tiran home stone will be put to death.
6-3: Maps of The Isles of Tira may not be created by non-citizens.
6-4: A resident who refuses to work or to perform the dictates of his or her caste may be held, after trial by the court, to be an outlaw.
6-5: Treason - Includes any act to unseat or overthrow the Administrator or any member of the city council. Acts of treason may included, but are not limited to the following: Theft of the Home Stone; Sedition; Aiding enemies of The Isles of Tira; and Spying upon a citizen for purposes contrary to the Isles' well-being. Treason is a capital offense.
6-6: Outlaws will be expelled from the Isles, with instructions not to return lest they be put to physical harm. 
6-7: Attempting to Deceive As To Caste. This provision proscribes citizens and visitors from claiming to belong to a caste which they do not.
6-8: Nefarious Business. This provision proscribes citizens and visitors from gross violations of an existing contract for nefarious purposes. Where contractual violations are born of negligence, this provision may not apply. Instead, this provision is meant to address circumstances where a party has deceived another into contracting; entered into a contract for malicious purposes; or violated a contract for malicious purposes. A magistrate's discerning mind will parse these distinctions, where appropriate.
6-9: It is a punishable offense for a locksmith to make an unauthorized copy of a key. Authorization must be obtained in writing from the owner of the residence or business where the key is used. For public buildings, the relevant head of caste or high council may provide the required authorization.
6-10: Entering the Isles' without permission is a crime. Any non-citizen who wishes to enter must provide their name, home stone, and reason for visiting.
6-11: Outlaws and panthers are forbidden from entering the Isles without written permission from a city magistrate, High Council member, or the Administrator. As they are without caste, outlaws and panthers may be enslaved by any citizen of the Isles if they are found in the Isles without the written permission identified above. If the collaring citizen is not of the caste of slavers, they must register the slave with the caste of slavers within a hand's time of enslaving the casteless individual. 
6-12:  It is a crime to forge an official Tiran seal on a merchant product.
6-13: It is a crime to forge the seal of an Isles official on any document for any purpose.
6-14: Intentional use of a deceptive Merchant Foot or Merchant Stone is a crime.
6-15: Alteration, such as clipping or shaving coin is fraud, and will be punished as such.
6-16: Face stripping a free woman is a criminal offense.
6-17: It is a criminal offense to wear a reversible tunic or robe, where the alternate sides are of different colors.
6-18: Theft or conversion of property is a criminal offense. The first offense will be punished by ear notching. Repeated offenses will be punished with increasing severity as deemed appropriate by a magistrate of the Isles. Theft of a slave is a criminal offense, but may also inform a civil claim under civil law.
6-19: Arson is a criminal offense. Whether a fire was initiated by arson is a factual question to be resolved by a magistrate of the Isles. If the fire led to loss of life, then a death sentence can be issued.
6-20: It is illegal to move mercantile items without yielding the appropriate tax payments to the Administrator's Office.
6-21: It is a criminal offense for a citizen to assist or harbor a runaway slave. However, knowledge and intent must be established to the satisfaction of a magistrate of the Isles before punishment may be imposed.
6-22: Physical assault is a criminal offense. Whether an assault rises to a degree that warrants intercession of the courts is a question of fact for a magistrate of the Isles. A physical assault that constitutes or accompanies a sexual act is nonetheless a physical assault, and will be punished as such. 
6-23: Murder and attempted murder are criminal offenses.
6-24: Absent defense of their owner or defending the Isles against an external threat, it is a punishable offense for a slave to strike a free person. It is also a punishable offense for a slave to wield weapons in the city unless they are training for defense of the Isles, actively defending the Isles from external aggression, or have successfully completed the weapon certification program and have been designated a Certified Fighting Slave. Note that, customarily, Certified Fighting Slaves are not required to kneel unless serving a Free or expressly ordered to kneel. This custom is observed so that Certified Fighting Slaves may remain at the ready to defend and protect.
6-25: A crime against the person or financial interests of an official of the Isles is a crime against the city and will be subject to enhanced punishment. 
6-26: It is a criminal offense to sell an unbranded slave.
6-27: It is a criminal offense to sell a slave without permission of the slave's owner.
6-28:  It is a criminal offense to falsify any documents relating to the sale, registration, history, or status of a slave. The subject of the documents (such as the sale of the slave or the slave's pedigree) is of no matter. 
6-29: Damaging or destroying a public water source in the Isles is a criminal offense. This provision also allows punishment for nefarious use of a Tiran water source.
6-30: Sedition is a criminal offense.
6-31: Force-collaring of a free person without cause is a criminal offense.
6-32: Making a false allegation against a citizen of the Isles is a criminal offense, where the accuser knows the allegation to be false. First time offenders will be ordered to pay a fine.  Second and third offense will lead to harsher punishments as deemed fit by a Magistrate of the Isles.
6-33: It is a criminal offense for a non-citizen to carry ranged weapons in the Isles (unless permitted by treaty).
6-34: It is a criminal offense to be a public nuisance or to disrupt the public peace or safety.
6-35: It is a criminal offense to disrupt or impede a court proceeding or a Commander, Prosecutor, or Administrator-sanctioned investigation.