The Law

                                                                             Title 5: Free Women
5-1: Robes of concealment and veils are not required in the Isles. However, free women must wear clothing appropriate for their caste and occupation. Free women should be dressed modestly.
5-2: A free woman should be careful not to bare her skin to a degree that fails to comport with her status. A free woman who behaves as a slave risks enslavement by any citizen. Whether a free woman has revealed herself or behaved in a manner that warrants enslavement is a question of fact that will be resolved by a magistrate of the Isles where the action of enslavement is questioned.
5-3: For public establishments, the individual business owner determines whether or not free women are permitted to enter. To prohibit free women, the owner must post a sign in a conspicuous area stating that free women are not allowed inside. Free women are not subject to punishment for simply entering a prohibited establishment unless a sign is placed as stated above.
5-4: Free Women are free to move about the Isles without an escort.
5-5: Free Women may own and operate their own property.
5-6: Citizens and residents of the Isles witnessing immodest behavior by a Free Woman may choose to bring the matter to the attention of her father, legal guardian, companion, or protector of said Free Woman. Alternatively, they may alert a warrior of the Isles or the Tiran Prosecutor.