The Law

                                                          Title 4: Public Health & Safety
4-1: The Administrator is responsible for ensuring the Isles' safety from both internal and external threat. To that end, he is responsible for directing the Commander and the activity of the Isles' Warrior Caste. The Commander then is responsible for implementing the Administrator's instructions. A failure of the Commander to do so may result in his replacement. When necessary, the Administrator will provide additional instructions on a case-by-case basis.
4-2: Members of the High Council and the Administrator may commandeer property, including slaves, during times of attack or other instances of emergency. Where contention arises, a magistrate of the Isles may be called upon to determine whether a motivating event constituted an emergency. Where appropriate, remuneration may be adjudged. 
4-3: Absent approval from the High Council, all individuals residing in The Isles must receive stabilization serums from the Caste of Physicians. The Caste of Physicians is responsible for certifying and maintaining records demonstrating that all residents (free and slave alike) have received the serum. It is the responsibility of a slave's owner to ensure that their property receive the serums. Failure to do so may result in fines.
4-4: Citizens diagnosed with Dar-Kosis are considered dead legally. Their possessions will pass by will or intestate.
4-5: The Rite of Knives is a valid means of dispute resolution only where both parties willingly commit to such.
4-6: Only initiates may enter the sanctuary of the Initiates' temple absent permission from the Tiran Initiate.
4-7: The Isles' central gate is open during the day and closed at dusk. The Isles gate may be closed during they day at the direction of ANY warrior or ANY member of the High Council.
4-8: Any non-citizen who wishes to enter must provide their name, home stone, and reason for visiting.
4-9: Ambassadors and heralds are afforded diplomatic immunity.
4-10: All citizens must travel to the Sardar Mountains at least once before they reach 25 years of age. The Isles' Initiate is responsible for ensuring that Tiran residents are in compliance with this provision.
4-11: Assassins wearing the mark of the black dagger on their forehead are allowed entrance into the Isles, once they have complied with Law 4-8 and Law 6-10.
4-12: Beasts. Large animals are not permitted in the Isles except that they be housed inside the fort and utilized for defensive purposes (tarns, adult larls, sleens, etc). Moderately-sized animals (think German Shepherd-sized animals like a juvenile larl) may be kept in the Isles, however, they are not permitted in public buildings and must be leashed and accompanied by a handler at all times. Smaller animals (baby larls, giani-sized animals) are only permitted in public spaces if they do not pose a physical danger or cause disruption. The Administrator may be consulted to determine which classification a particular animal is assigned.