The Law

                                                                 Title 3: Free Companionship
3-1: Free companionship is a legal right afforded to all citizens of the Isles. A Free Person may have only one Free Companion at a time.
3-2: Free companionships are legally recognized relationships that must be renewed yearly. The parties to a free companionship must file their companionship contract with the City Clerk in the Administration Building.
3-3: Companionship contracts may include an automatic renewal clause providing a minimum 10-day window for either party to elect not to renew.
3-4: Where the parties are of different castes, they may take the caste of their free companion without application to the High Council. However, the performance of Caste duties and work may be dependent upon the successful completion of any apprenticeships or trainings required by the appropriate Head of Caste.
3-5:  The gender of the parties to a free companionship is of no concern to the High Council.
3-6: At the time of companioning, a party may change their last name to match their free companion's last name, should they so choose, without petitioning the High Council.
3-7: The enslavement, death, or banishment of a party to a free companionship dissolves that free companionship.
3-8: A Free Woman may choose to return to her former Caste if a Free Companion contract is dissolved due to one of the following reasons: non-renewal after one year; enslavement of either party; or death of either party.