The Black Caste

Management of Black Caste Activities within Fulvian Falls.

These rules relate specifically to oversight of the Black Caste within Fulvian Falls.  They are in place to help regulate all Black Caste activities and any conducted on behalf or to benefit Black Caste interests.

There is one Black Caste assassin currently within Fulvian Falls.  That assassin and head of the Court in Fulvian Falls is Kelsier.  He can be located when on sim within the area called Sanctuary City.  A message box is available if he is not on sim.

1)  No Black Caste or player associated or operating to aid the Black Caste may operate within Fulvian Falls without the express consent of the black caste moderator.  (Contact details below.)

2)  Any visiting Black Caste assassin or associated player must report to Kelsier in Sanctuary City. 

3)  Before conducting any Black Caste activities or activities connected with the Black Caste within Fulvian Falls, you must notify the Black Caste Moderator.  Failure to gain approval for the activities in advance will leave those activities and any connected to them subject to negation.  

4)  No free woman may claim association to the Black Caste within Fulvian Falls unless in compliance with the requirements deemed necessary by Kelsier.  The Black Caste moderator can be contacted for an explanation of these requirements.  Claiming ic affiliation without permission of the Fulvian Falls is not permitted.

5)  Black caste slaves were supposed to be supremely trained.  A black caste slave who acts in a superior manner, who threatens others or who suggests they are not required to behave as any other slave may be legitimately punished or killed as any other slave.

6)  Black Caste members and associated free women or slaves do not have superpowers.  They are as susceptible to death and injury as any other player. 

Black Caste Assassin and head of Fulvain Black Caste Court: Kelsier

Black Caste Moderator: Meilin

Explanatory note:  While some of these rules may not be what you are used to, or may seem harsh, they are designed to address many of the issues that have dogged the black caste over many years in sl Gor.  FF expects a higher standard from the black caste than many other sims do.  Additionally admin staff at Fulvian Falls recognise that from time to time rules must change, some rules do not work well and on occasion others may have better ideas.  If you have suggestions please contact the BC moderator with same.