The Law

                                                    Title 2: Citizenship
2-1: Tiran Citizenship is a privilege. It must be applied for. Application must be made to the City Clerk in the Administration Building. An Oath of Allegiance will be required of anyone seeking citizenship in the Isles. Citizenship entails a commitment to contribute towards the Isles' well-being by upholding the Isles' laws and defending its people, property, and territories. Citizenship may be refused or revoked at the discretion of the High Council, by majority vote. Bases for such action include, but are not limited to, failing to uphold Tiran law, caste expulsion, and swearing allegiance to another Home Stone.
2-2: A mantle of citizenship will not be conferred until the prospective citizen has shared salt with the head of his caste. The sharing of salt may be conducted by the Administrator or Ambassador where the Head-of-Caste is unavailable.
2-3: Citizenship confers protection against foreign creditors. Only credits bestowed within the Isles will be recognized by Tiran courts.
2-4: The High Council retains the right to refuse citizenship to anyone they deem unsuitable. Citizenship may be revoked upon conviction of treason, Caste expulsion, failure to uphold the laws, or swearing allegiance to another Home Stone.
2-5: Non-citizens are afforded limited protection under the laws of the Isles. Those who live in the Isles and retain allegiance to their previous Home Stone will be considered legal residents and permitted to live, work, and earn a living in the Isles without the right to a trial and protection from foreign debtors.
2-6: Foreigners must abandon all ties to previous Home Stones and pledge oath to the Isles' Home Stone to become legal citizens.