Auntie A's Journal

2nd Day, 5th Hand, 12th Month, 10171 Contasta Ar

As I sit in the quiet of the infirmary this morning, I wonder what the day will bring.  We are most excited, for the new infirmary is finally complete, and my girls  are slated to be on the first ship home bound.  My Beloved Dayeah has been abroad teaching surgical techniques in outlying villages on the mainland. My most dear Aurelia will be coming home from university.  My heart flutters when I think of His  homecoming for He has been away far too long, My most treasured, my love and my life Nathaniel will be back from his travels as well.  Skandar is beside himself with preparations for the overtaking of this new holding.  Ever the detail oriented, My boy has grown into an excellent administrator and he will no doubt do the family great honor in the coming hands. As for the rest of the family, we have called them home for celebration and pray that their journeys to The Isle will be pleasant and safe.  There is much to do.