Afsana Island

The Village Awakens

Afsana Island is home to three primary destinations. At the isle's westernmost end lies an abandoned outpost. It's former residents are unknown and the accommodations are...rustic. Moving toward the eastern tip, the gates of Afsana Village become visible. An aged settlement, the village still exhibits signs of life with a handful of residents minding its shops and occupying its aged homes. Finally, beneath the isle's surface, an extensive cave system allows one to travel through the island without notice. Fortunately, three access points allow for a manageable escape - one of which leads to an expansive beach connecting Afsana with neighboring isle, Reinshold.

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Falls Tavern.png

The Falls Tavern

Where Men Can Be Men

There are few places in the Gorean universe where men who enjoy the company of men can truly be themselves without hesitation or fear of criticism. The Falls Tavern, however, is exactly the sort of place where gay Goreans can feel at home.

The Alcove

The Alcoves



Pleasure or Pain. You Pick.

Above the Falls Tavern, patrons have the choice of two alcoves where they may indulge in the company of guests. Cleaned daily.

The Alcoves Left
Afsana Camp 3

Afsana Camp

Who are the original inhabitants of the now-abandoned camp on Afsana Isle? We couldn't tell you. But, since Tira has been solidified, many a nomad has used the wilderness area as a temporary home. Maybe you and yours are just the kind of people who can tame the camp permanently...

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