Grand Tira

Freedom Begins Where the Map Ends. 

 The center of Tiran life, Grand Tira is - as you have likely gathered - the grandest of our Isles. It is home to the Tiran High Caste and the seat of our High Council. However, Grand Tira is not defined by its administrative functions or incomparable views. The large isle is peppered with artifacts left by its former inhabitants...whomever they be. Further, while matters of coin are not the focus of life on Grand Tira, several merchant endeavors have thrived by catering to the island's wealthy inhabitants. Are you willing to brave the edge of the map? If so, the City of Terraces awaits...

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Native Things Shop 1 (1).png

Native Things appeals to the citizen who appreciates finer things...and has the coin to feed their habit. The shop specializes in local flora but you never know what manner of exotic plantlife might show up. Stop in today to peruse their offerings. [Currently in need of a proprietor. Please see Tiran staff for more details].


Do you need an indulgent cup of black wine? A sugary treat to dispel the troubles of the day? The Columns Cafe offers fine fare and even finer views. Situated atop the High Court of Tira, the Cafe's columned pergolas are the perfect place for the Isle's elite to ease their minds and sate their tastes. [Currently in need of a proprietor. Please see Tiran staff for more details].

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The Cave-Inn: If you are looking for slummy accommodations above a dingy tavern, this inn isn't for you. (But you should try the next isle over). The Cave Inn provides rest, relaxation, serenity, and sustenance. Its fine finishes are perfect for the discriminating guest and its grand marble hall is often the venue of choice for Tiran events. Book your room now.

Just off the square in upper Grand Tira, The Gold Tarn Tavern is a hangout for the upper caste residents of Tira's largest isle. The menu items are just as expensive as you might expect, but the networking opportunities justify the cost. Find a place at one of these ancient tables and you are well on your way...

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Upper Grand Tira

Situated in the middle of Upper Grand Tira you will find a lush garden surrounded by trees and dotted with merchant stands. A perfect locale for picnics or simply hiding away from your demanding HoC, The Square is ready to become your favorite urban oasis.

The Library of Tira

It's a never-ending effort...accumulating rare texts and ancient artifacts. But that is the charge of Tira's expansive library...along with providing pleasure reads and the latest scholarly journals. The library is located in Upper Grand Tira and is worth your time be it locate an obscure title or to peruse the most recent gossip rag.

Terrace City Gaming
Terrace City Gaming

This gaming house is situated between the Builders' Hall and the High Court in Lower Grand Tira. Kaissa, Zar, Ur, and a variety of other games are spread across the platform establishment. Check city announcements to register for the next tournament.